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We boost the potential of our customers
Que hacemos

We help our clients to increase their value by improving their skills and performance of their teams to leverage their full potential through tailored and innovative solutions.

What we do

Our vision involves consulting support to fulfill of the mission of our clients from the perspectives of organizational development, change management and growth of individuals. We are strategic partners of our customers, working together on projects that meet their needs and organizational reality, by providing the best solutions and tools to ensure the implementation of programs of training and talent management, and accelerate the development of their capabilities.

In Integra Marketplace we understand that:

  • The leadership and management of people is a key source of competitive advantage for business.

  • The training, mentoring and coaching are the great means of generating ideas, to create experiences and incorporate new solutions and capabilities to help our customers achieve their results.

  • In order to boost the full potential of our customers and achieve extraordinary results, we bring the necessary solutions for managing and driving talent, with precision and quality.


 Why choose us?

  • We identify, show and use the wisdom of all the members of the organization to promote healthy behaviors.

  • We help identify the right people for the organization of our customers, by providing the necessary clarity to make decisions and for their development.

  • We design, plan and manage with our clients the change processes, involving a cultural transformation, changing habits and behaviors in people based on their business challenges.

  • We manage from the people perspective "start up" projects for new operations in the context of business expansion, accompanying our clients in their internationalization process.

  • We design, plan and manage processes of "due diligence" and restructuring in organizations, emphasizing both aspects "hard" and "soft" on managing people, making decisions and accelerating change.

  • Through team coaching interventions, we facilitate dynamics at different levels of the company, proposing models and tools to apply and integrate into their activity.

  • We provide team coaching, executive coaching and mentoring processes.

Quienes Somos

Who we are

We are a team of professionals who make up a network of experts in management and people development, organized in a dynamic and flexible way to supplement our capabilities to attend different projects.

The network is made ​​up of professionals from different disciplines, with an important personal and professionally developed, with at least 15 years of experience in people management in large organizations and specialized, able to add value to the consultancy projects.




Ana 2015

Ana 2015





Como lo hacemos

How we do it

We work from the conviction that the way to lead and manage people in the organization is a differentiating factor for their success.

We combine our expertise in change management, organizational effectiveness and communication to drive employee engagement and performance, so as contribute to alignment with the business results of our clients.

We believe in the talent, enthusiasm, commitment and effort. We seek the best version of what each can contribute. We are a team passionate about our work; we want to give the best of ourselves and we believe that a better world is possible.

We have a humanistic approach that permeates our message of securities in which the confidentiality, integrity and ethics are always present.We value the freedom and autonomy. We value our relationship network and our fellow travelers at all times. We are committed to excellence, exceeding expectations and creating value through people. We value diversity and customized solutions. We are committed to improving our client’s results.

We can deliver our services in English, Spanish and French.

Red de Expertos

Network of Experts

Our network of experts is conformed as a collaborative space, where we are organized in an efficient and dynamic way depending on each project, in order to be focused to bring quality and value to our customers.

The experts that we work at Integra Marketplace, we are committed with a working protocol in addition to the operational values: trust, commitment, cooperation and respect.

We know how collaborate and compete to increase the value for all stakeholders in relationships where trust prevails. This concept is evident in our way of working.

We respect the management of contacts and exchange of information within a framework of confidentiality and trust to explore business opportunities and facilitate cross references.

The quality, commitment and efficiency are the three fundamental principles present in our interventions. Our philosophy is based on providing a close, flexible and innovative service, with a special focus on practicality and applicability in the business, transferring knowledge and experience to develop the skills of our clients.


Our partnerships are:



Our clients are multinationals from different sectors of economic activity. Our expertise is in the field of information technology and communication.

Our clients come from different sectors of economic activity with presence in Europe and Latin America. Our expertise is in the field of information technology and communication, energy, automotive and shipping. 

We work with different industries that has as a factor in common the process of transformation of the sector in which they operate, requiring new perspectives and approaches to leading change they are seeking.

The process of growth and development of our customers, give us the opportunity to continue our evolution and we are growing our experience in different sectors.

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If you want that we are going to contact you personally, you could give us more information, please complete and submit your application:


You can contact us by email and by phone.
Phone: +34 609 089 181

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